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Information about our city

The city of Durham, NCEveryone is proud about the city they live in and it is no different with us and Durham in North Carolina. It is a great privilige for us when people living in the city give us a call that they need help with their vehicle and we are always happy when we can get to them to fix their car. We spend a lot of time traveling in the city so it is no wonder that we have become quite an expert when it comes to Durham. We feel that we got so much from the people living here that we try to create as much value with our profession as possible, because we are truely grateful for living here. Based on our experience and personal recommendations here we have collected a few valueable information about the city itself, we hope that you will enjoy reading it. At any time you feel that you would like to know more, feel free to reach out to us, because we are always happy to help when it comes to Durham. 

Some fun facts about Durham:

This is the seat of Durham County, but partially we are also present in Orange County and Wake County. 

The river of the city is called Eno.

IBM is the second biggest employer in the city, currently almost 10,000 people work for this company in Durham. 

Our most significant daily newspaper is The Herald-Sun.

If you are interested in art, definitely visit the Nasher Museum of Art.

The neighborhoods our mechanics are from:

Our favorite restaurants in Durham, NC:

Pizzeria Toro

Our favorite sights in Durham:

Sarah P. Duke Gardens
American Tobacco Campus
Duke University Chapel

Every year many of our friends decide to visit or visit Durham again and we are always delighted to show them around, because we just love to see the smile on their faces when they get to experience this amazing city. Maybe this is not one of the biggest citites in the USA, but it has so many beautiful things to offer that it will never let you down if you decide to give it a chance. Make sure that you are well prepared when you get here, because it is so easy to fall in love with Durham. Obviously if you have any questions when you get here, or you need any help with your vehicle, give us a call and we will be at your service in no time. 


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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Durham

Call Now: (919) 200-0926